Tattoo Removal Statistics

Tattoo Removal Statistics

With the rising popularity of tattoos in western culture, so has the regret in getting them.

In the United States, 45 Million people have one or more tattoos on their body. Of those 30% are college graduates, 36% are between 18-25 years old, and 40% are between 26-40 years old.

Why Do People Get Tattoos in the First Place?

  • To express their individuality – Tattoos stand out in a crowd, most people want to be unique, what’s better than to get a unique tattoo to boost your appeal, something to show your personality, and to express something about yourself to others.
  • Mark a time in life – such as to mark a significant experience or struggle, to commemorate the birth of a child, a tribute to a deceased loved one.
  • Show their Love to significant other – When you’re in love, what’s more touching than to show your significant other your love by tattooing his or her name on your body.
  • Fashion Statement – you think tattoos look sexy, trendy, cool, and attractive so you get one as a fashion statement.
  • Spur of the moment – You’re with your friends, and just on the spur of the moment you all get a tattoo without really thinking about it.
  • Religious Affiliation – You want to express your religious belief, like adding a verse in the bible.
  • Gang Affiliation – You are part of a gang and want other gang members to recognize your affiliation with them.
  • To cover a scar – you have a noticeable scar or birth mark, so a tattoo is a good way of hiding it.
  • They enjoy the pain – there are some people that get a high from the pain of tattooing. Strange as it seems, some people enjoy that pain sensation.

What are the Main Reasons People Regret Their Tattoos?

Of the 45 Million Americans who got a tattoo, 11% regret getting it. That is almost 5 million people in the US that regret their tattoos.  Of those 70% are women.

There are just as many reasons why people regret their tattoos as getting them.  Here are just a few main reasons:

  • Too Young – When you got your tattoo as a teenager, times were quite different. You were not thinking about a career or getting married. Now that you are in your 20’s or 30’s, that tattoo is no longer suitable to your current life.
  • Tattoo lost its meaning – The tattoo you got many years ago may have significant meaning to you, but over time, things change, and your tattoo no longer has any meaning. It reminded them of something in their past the
  • Got Someone’s Name They are Not Currently With – Unfortunately not all relationships last forever, and your new significant other doesn’t appreciate someone else’s name on you.
  • Bad Tattoo Job – You were in a rush and didn’t do your homework, got a bad tattoo job that doesn’t look professional.
  • No Longer In the Gang/Prison – You’re no longer in prison or associated with a gang member and your life could be in danger if you keep that tattoo on you.
  • Job / Military Acceptance – 70% of employers do not favour tattoos on employees. If you have a noticeable tattoo that you cannot cover with clothing, then your chances of a positive job interview could be squashed just because of your tattoo.
  • Tattoo Faded – Over time, tattoos fade and no longer looks as good as you first got it. It may be time to layer it with a new tattoo or just remove it completely.
  • Don’t Want Their Children to See It – You were young but now you’re married and your children are growing up fast and you don’t want them asking you questions about your tattoo and want to set a good example.


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