“I found Tattoo Vanish after I had 40 laser treatments on a tattoo on my upper right arm. When I came in for my consultation Mary Arnold asked me how many treatments of laser I had. I told her 40. All that was left was a large amount of very green ink. She then asked me how many times I had laser treatments on the green ink only. I told her that they had performed 5 treatments on just the green and nothing had come out. Mary then informed me that laser cannot get green out. The people at the laser place never told me that. I went through all of that pain, suffering and expense for nothing. I had one treatment with Tattoo Vanish by Mary and all of the green came out. I was so happy. I tell all of my friends that Tattoo Vanish is the only way to go for tattoo removal. Thanks, you Tattoo Vanish and Mary Arnold so very much.”