Quanta Q-Plus EVO Series for Laser Tattoo Removal

Q-Plus EVO Series is manufactured by Quanta System Aesthetic Division, an internationally renowned laser innovator. Cartessa Aesthetics is Quanta System Aesthetic Division’s exclusive U.S. and Canadian partner.

Q-Plus Series – EVO Family is a laser platform available in 6 different configurations to better adapt to every user’s needs for the maximum versatility. In the same system it is possible to insert up to two different laser sources: pure Q-Switched or hybrid Q-Switched/Pulsed.

With the Q-Plus – EVO Series, practices can customize Q-switch laser configurations with multiple wavelengths, including Quanta’s Ruby laser, the fastest Ruby laser on the market today. The Q-Plus C also features all the benefits of the broader EVO Series lasers — OptiBeam II technology, large spot sizes, fast start up and treatment times, and pre-set parameters.

Q-Plus Series is the ideal solution to perform a great range of treatments among which the removal of benign pigmented lesionstattoo removalskin

resurfacingvascular lesions and hair removal treatments.


The Q-Plus series is the only laser platform in the market based on powerful Q-Switched technology, which can also be configured with pulsed laser and the exclusive Opti-pulse technology.

Q-plus is a customizable technology capable of to carry out a wide variety of treatments. Discover the perfect configuration for your clinic and redefine the results of your treatments.

Ruby 694nm Alexandrite 755nm Nd: YAG 1064nm type Q-switched laser, Pulsed laser

– Benign pigmented lesions
– Tattoo removal
– Skin resurfacing
– Vascular lesions
– Epilation

Removing all colors of pigments from tattoo, including green.
OptibeamII® Handpieces Flat Top Issue homogeneous and without peak energy.

More Wavelengths, More Options.

With three true-laser wavelengths (532nm, 694nm, 1064nm) and multiple pulse emission modes, few devices offer the versatility of the Q-Plus EVO. Treat the largest array of tattoo ink colors, including red, yellow, purple, green and blues, even the notorious tough-to-treat light blue, without the cost of disposables or consumables.


The Q-Plus q-switched sources can generate a photoacoustic effect targeted at inks and pigmentations leaving the surrounding skin intact. These laser systems are able to fragment the target in small particles making them easily processed by the human body with the phagocytosis process.

Flat beam OPTIBEAM II® technology

The laser beam that is generated by any Q-switch laser needs to be a as close to a flat beam as possible.

The Q-Plus EVO series provides a homogeneous beam which reduces the healing time and makes side effects less likely. Quanta Q-Plus EVO series lasers deliver a flat-top beam profile which many of the cheaper lasers and actually some of the more expensive laser (especially passive) cannot deliver. If the laser is not delivering such a homogeneous energy cross-section, then the skin can get hot points which in turn can lead to burns.

Quanta achieves their flat top beam profile by using OPTIBEAM II® handpieces with the ability to deliver high peak powers over a homogeneous output for all spot sizes.

The OptiBeam II handpieces can generate different flat-top spot shapes at various sizes.

  • Square, flat-top hand-pieces – ideal for tattoo removal
  • Round, holographic hand-pieces – designed to be adjusted to pigmented lesions’ shapes
  • Fractional hand-piece – perfect for skin resurfacing and rejuvenation with very short recovery time




The contact Skin Cooler provides skin cooling during laser treatment, effectively reducing the pain and allowing the use of the proper fluencies especially for vascular lesions treatments to reduce potential side effects.
The Skin Cryon handpiece, instead, is intended to work in combination with an external compatible air-cooling unit to provide a cold air flow designed for the reduction of pain and thermal injury on skin tissue.


Twain IPL is indicated for: Hair Removal | Dermatological vascular treatments | Benign pigmented lesions | Skin rejuvenation | Active acne

Twain 2940 is indicated for: Skin ablation | Full skin resurfacing
Fractional: Skin resurfacing | Traumatic and acne scars | Epidermal dyschromia | Sun and age spots


With the extremely short pulse duration and high peak power, the Q-Switched laser source can efficiently generate a photo-acoustic effect and considerably reduce thermal interaction with surrounding tissue especially in Laser Tattoo Removal and Pigmented Lesions Treatments. Consequently, undesired tattoos and pigmentations on the skin can be fragmented into small particles to be naturally removed from the body through phagocytosis.



The Q PLUS EVO series is the only device that can be configured with additional pulsed sources allowing for the ability to perform hair removal, vascular lesions removal and treatment of aged and pigmented skin.

The Pulsed sources available include:

  • Nd: YAG 1064/532
  • Alexandrite 755 nm
  • Optional 1320 nm (only Q Plus Star 1)



Safer Treatments on All Skin Types with the Optibeam II Technology

The innovative smooth OPTIBEAM II handpiece has a perfect FLAT TOP beam profile and it comes in different flat-top spot shapes at various sizes. Thanks to its advanced optical technology the OPTIBEAM II handpiece maintains uniform fluence and can distribute the laser power homogenously across the different spot sizes, ensuring complete safety, comfort and reduced downtime.

The OPTIBEAM II is available in squared, rounded and fractionated beam profiles.

Benefits of the OPTIBEAM II homogenous Flat Top Beam Profile:

  • Faster Healing time
  • Safer treatment without any “hot points”
  • Reduced risk of complications
  • Comfortable sessions



SQUARE FLAT TOP SHAPE – To easily control degree of overlapping during treatment, especially in high fluence procedures

HOMOGENEOUS ENERGY PROFILE – Flat-top beam profile for the maximum laser efficacy and patient’s safety

Achieve more precise coverage to avoid unwanted overlapping, and easier treatment procedures with a reduction in 20% treatment time.

The only Q Switch Laser with Fractional Technology to TREAT BOTH Tattoo colors and scars.  The addition of Fractional Handpiece is perfect for skin resurfacing and rejuvenation with very short recovery time and high safety levels



ROUND FLAT TOP SHAPE – Shape that naturally resembles pigmented lesion profiles

EXTENDED DEPTH OF FIELD – For all dermatological procedures where laser beam collimation is fundamental to maintain constant fluence distribution

DIFFRACTIVE OPTICAL ELEMENT – A uniform energy profile on the spot makes it possible to avoid high power peaks on the skin and increase patient’s safety

MULTIPLE INDICATIONS – It is possible to treat with high efficacy rate a wide range of indications among which melasma, lentigos, freckles, café au-lait and Ota & Ito nevus



All the power of a Fractional Q-Switch laser in your hands

Enhance skin resurfacing and scar revision with minimal downtime thanks to the cutting-edge fractional handpiece technology

Utilizing a fractional handpiece create zones of laser-induced optical breakdown (LIOB) at Multi-skin level stimulation unlike other lasers on the market which only focus on superficial layers. The surrounding tissue has limited collateral damage in the picosecond domain to ensure rapid healing, minimum side effect and low incidence of Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH). This effectively breaks down scar tissue and improves collagen remodeling.


The Micro-lens array Technology benefits:

  • Focused high-precision microbeams
  • Excellent transmission efficiency ~90%
  • Non-Consumable
  • Cleaner ablative columns for faster healing
  • Reduced risk of complications
  • Optimized Tattoo removal
  • Lightweight ergonomic design
  • Fractional Multi-Level Skin Stimulation



Different Configurations to ensure the greatest Versatility in clinical applications:








Expand your Quanta Q Plus C Laser system with Twain IPL* and/or Er: YAG 2940 handpieces for additional treatment options. The Twain IPL is indicated for permanent hair reduction, dermatological vascular lesions, benign pigmented lesions and Inflammatory acne. Twain 2940 is indicated for skin resurfacing, wrinkles, epidermal nevi, actinic cheilitis, keloids, verrucae, skin tags, keratoses, and scar revision, including acne scars.

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