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Affordable Tattoo Removal Clinic In Toronto, Richmind Hill
Laser Tattoo Removal Toronto


How Much Does Tattoo Removal Cost?


$197 Up To 6”x 6” Per Session


Tattoo Removal Packages

  • 3 treatments, 10% discount

  • 5 treatments, 15% discount

Single tattoo removal treatment: $197 Per visit / per section up to 6″ x 6″.


Clients interested in having a tattoo removed or faded for a cover-up often worry most about the associated costs. We offer flat fee pricing, which is more affordable than the pricing strategies employed by our competitors.

  • Transparency: FLAT FEE pricing for laser tattoo removal offers transparency and eliminates hidden costs.
  • Cost-Effective: It is a cost-effective option regardless of the size or complexity of the tattoo.
  • Simplified Pricing Structure: The simplified pricing structure eliminates complex calculations based on tattoo characteristics.
  • Peace of Mind: FLAT FEE pricing provides peace of mind by knowing the exact cost upfront.
  • Fairness: It ensures fairness, treating all clients equally without bias towards tattoo size or complexity.
  • Time Efficiency: Time efficiency is improved as extensive assessment sessions are not required.
  • Flexibility: FLAT FEE pricing accommodates tattoos of all sizes, providing flexibility to clients.

Tattoo Removal Clinic offers a $197 Flat Fee Special for tattoos up to 6″ x 6. Experienced laser technicians at Tattoo Removal Clinic are dedicated to effective and efficient tattoo removal. Contact Tattoo Removal Clinic for the most up-to-date pricing and availability of the $197 Flat Fee Special.

But what if I have many tattoos I want to be removed?

We strive to provide each customer with a personalized experience when feasible while maintaining a consistent rate for all services.

Due to the importance of healing and aftercare, we restrict the amount and size of tattoos that can be done in one session to 6″ x 6″. This is only a small fraction of our total customers, and during the complimentary consultations, we tell them what is achievable and what is not.

I have my entire back/leg/arm that I want to remove. Is it the same price?

Tattoos of a larger size, such as full-backs, sleeves, and chests, may be split up into smaller 6 by 6-inch sections and treated over a few weeks. Limiting the amount of treatment in one session is necessary to guarantee proper healing and recovery.

The entire area of the back being treated will be divided into 3 or 4 sections, each of which necessitates a different appointment with a health provider at 6-8 weeks intervals.

For full-arm tattoos, it’s recommended to have four to five sessions, and for large chest pieces, two sessions are suggested. We’ll explain the treatment plan during the initial appointment and book the next appointments.

My tattoo is multiple colours; does that cost more to remove?

We don’t charge by the number of colours you have in your tattoo or which laser is used; it is still a flat fee per session.

My tattoo is very small; how much will it cost to fade or remove?

Most tattoos will be charged at a fixed fee; however, for very small pieces, we may choose to change the price. For tattoos smaller than an inch, the price is $150.

You will never be charged extra or unexpected fees during an office visit. The sole cost will be for the tattoo removal service.

Consultations for tattoo removal are complimentary and can often be completed remotely. Make an appointment online and/or start the process now. You can upload your tattoo photo here.